ARCANNA - Jedi Knights 3.5 GRAMS

ARCANNA - Jedi Knights 3.5 GRAMS

per 1/8 oz
Aroma: Spicy cedar and sugary lemon drops sink into rising fumes of fuel with crushed pine and juniper needles, sprouting notes of daisies and sweetgrass, and the fruity tang of kiwi with green bananas lingering in the finish. Flavor: Tart clouds of lemon peel, sappy pinewood, and spicy hints of cedar bump into bitter notes of radicchio with warm jasmine tea, and surfacing traces of vanilla powder sweetly softening the palate. Effects: A calm, soothing sedation produces dense, pillowy sensations, and a mellow stoniness that gradually decelerates the mind, enhances easygoing vibes, and releases relaxed contentment with a touch of the cuddly cozies.

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